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Week 9

The law of substitution to the law of forgiveness to the law of growth…such subtle yet powerful laws of the mind. I find the law of growth and making a space for authentic visualization a real turning point for me on this MKMMA journey. I have been struggling with NO OPINION and forgiveness since the election. Turning off social media last week made me so much more aware THIS week of how much time I spend  “allowing my mind to be attracted to evil and despair”.  I am trying to learn how to care about the world and to be of use without allowing the despair and struggles of others to overwhelm me. So…rather than feeling empathy and compassion and being primarily politically involved, I am working with the law of growth in my meditations. At times I feel so powerless and frustrated at how little I can do to help others and our planet. I am seeing how staying in this state of despair only grows more despair. I am now very intentionally working on visualizing the world as I want it to be.  I wish for health, wealth, and love for myself and for all of us. If we reap what we sow “in strict accordance with the Truth”,  I must trust my intentional visualizations will bring peace and harmony to myself and to others in accordance with divine law.



Week 8

I haven’t had TV for over 20 years so this last week I did not give up television. What I did give up was connecting to social media in the evenings. I had found myself indulging in so much social media after this last election, that I panicked at the thought of disconnecting. I really did not want to do it. What if I missed something important?!?  I knew by my emotional response at the thought of giving up Facebook and Common Dreams and surfing the net and reading news, that I needed to give up my daily fix of social politics for the week. It was initially very difficult. It was such a habit to immediately check out what had transpired that day…until suddenly I noticed all of this time started to appear in my world. I live alone so when I disregard the clock I can spend hours absorbed in something without noticing the time. But seeing how much time I spend on a device was a real eye opener!

 The very next observation was that my anxiety about the state of the world diminished some. I find myself so worried about what lies ahead that is makes forgiveness challenging.  Anger and fear make it difficult to stay on the mental diet. These stressful  distractions make meditation more challenging and restless. 

I do know that it is imperative to look inside for power and direction. I do believe we need to be the change we want to see in the world. Focusing on forgiving everyone and loving everyone is so much more important right now in light of the disheartening events of the last few weeks. I am so grateful for the MKMMA experience. I feel less powerless and overwhelmed by spending intentional focused time nourishing and nurturing my subconscious mind. I believe as I continue to grow spiritually I will create liberty for myself and others. I can be what I will to be.


Week 7

I had an interesting experience today. I have struggled with putting a compass over my watch this last week because I work as a nurse and I’m very dependent upon the clock throughout my day. So I had decided not to cover my watch while at work. I do carry my little compass with me everywhere as a reminder to follow my inner guide rather than external ones like time. So today was my day off and I went to spinning class. The bike I was spinning on started working fine in the beginning, but within three or four minutes the little computer on my bike stopped working. For those of you who spin, you know the computer on your bike tells you your time, your calories, your heart rate, your mileage, and most importantly your RPMs. All of this numerical data has always been important information for me during class. I confess I am slightly competitive and really like to see how hard I’m working. Well, not having a working computer turned out to be quite a blessing for me. I had the music blasting and an instructor encouraging me to do all different climbs based upon my RPMs, and I was not able to really follow any of these directions! What I found was that I was able to be more fully present during the entire class. Not having any numerical queuing about my “success”really changed the nature of my work out. I just got a groove on riding with the music, and started thinking about my PPNs and my DMP and seeing shapes and colors and visualizing my future self and pedaling harder and faster than ever! I had no idea how long we were pedaling with no clock on the wall and a broken computer. How liberating to find I can “ride like the wind” with no attachment to time and “results”.  It made me feel like a kid again. Like my former and future self.

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Week 6

Greeting the day with love in my heart is a great deterrent to opinions and judgements.  It is a reminder to find the light in everyone I encounter and to choose to see goodness rather than fault. And it truly does seem to soften any negativity or judgement from others from entering my sphere. Having self love is an important step in acquiring a state of love for others. Greeting the gal in the mirror with the same intention to love without judgement is a challenging ritual. It is also imperative.  And today I greet the day with love in my heart…