master key experience

Week 9


The law of substitution to the law of forgiveness to the law of growth…such subtle yet powerful laws of the mind. I find the law of growth and making a space for authentic visualization a real turning point for me on this MKMMA journey. I have been struggling with NO OPINION and forgiveness since the election. Turning off social media last week made me so much more aware THIS week of how much time I spend  “allowing my mind to be attracted to evil and despair”.  I am trying to learn how to care about the world and to be of use without allowing the despair and struggles of others to overwhelm me. So…rather than feeling empathy and compassion and being primarily politically involved, I am working with the law of growth in my meditations. At times I feel so powerless and frustrated at how little I can do to help others and our planet. I am seeing how staying in this state of despair only grows more despair. I am now very intentionally working on visualizing the world as I want it to be.  I wish for health, wealth, and love for myself and for all of us. If we reap what we sow “in strict accordance with the Truth”,  I must trust my intentional visualizations will bring peace and harmony to myself and to others in accordance with divine law.


Author: mkmmalaurie

About me.... committed to personal growth and development, and to living a life of peace, passion and prosperity.

7 thoughts on “Week 9

  1. Changing the world begins with changing ourselves, as you have seen. “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” You have marvelous insights and are becoming more of an observer of your thoughts. That means the “watchman at the gate” is awake and on the job. Congratulations! I appreciate your open heart.

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  2. I wish for health, wealth and love for myself, for you and for the world. Together we can do this.

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  3. The Laws by which thought is properly processed are, indeed, eye-opening and mind-blowing when we learn them. And in addition, discovering how to be an Observer can be SO revealing – it’s kind of like being smacked on the back of the head! LOL
    Great post, Laurie! It’s a joy to be on the same path with you.

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  4. Allowing the problems of the world around us to lead us to thoughts of despair does happen, but has no effect on the problems, just on our mind. Observing those thoughts and then switching to new ones is very important. Keep visualizing.


  5. Beautifully said Laurie. I’m constantly starting my mental diet over.. but noticing every negative thought and making sure to change it to a positive. When people said something about the new president, I say well give him a chance.. maybe it’s for the best…


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