master key experience

Week 18


The principle of the law of attraction is the sole means by which the individual is differentiated from the universal…”She exists, therefore, only in her relation to the whole, in his relation to other men, in her relation to society. This relation constitutes his environment and in no other way.  It is evident, therefore, that the individual is simply the differentiation of the one Universal Mind “which lighteth every man that cometh into the world,” and her so-called  individuality or personality consists of nothing but the manner in which she relates with the whole.” 

Part 18 has been extremely challenging for me. I continue to try to make sense of my world after the inauguration of our last president. I am working hard to stay connected to the universal mind and to stay connected to my divinity, but I find every day a challenge.  I am trying to sow seeds which will produce fruits in the future.  Fruits which represent the universal goodness of us all; that have everyone’s highest good in mind. Every day I work diligently to keep my attention on the positive, on that which I want to manifest, on universal goodness. It is so easy to be distracted by the ever-changing environment of our society, that I find I lose my way often. I strive to live each day as if it is my last, but worry and fear and uncertainty prove to be huge obstacles.  The  quote which I moved forward into chapter 12 from Chapter 11 is “I’ve been given eyes to see and a mind to think and now I know a great secret of life for I perceive, at last, that all my problems, discouragements and heartaches are in truth great opportunities in disguise.”  I do believe the obstacles in my way currently present a huge opportunity for me.  I continue to do the meditative work to access and use the law of attraction to manifest my dreams and goals.  Sadly, I believe these same obstacles present a huge barrier for so many in this society and the world.  Many people I know are scared and disillusioned. Many people I know live with an uncertainty that makes life extremely challenging.  And many people I do not know personally are living a life of hardship and despair which is unacceptable.  


Author: mkmmalaurie

About me.... committed to personal growth and development, and to living a life of peace, passion and prosperity.

8 thoughts on “Week 18

  1. I hear ya sister. This recording helped me a lot. Perhaps it may you as well…

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  2. Great post Laurie! The fact that you are mindfully aware; conscientiously conscious of being present and honest with your self-audit is huge .. don’t underestimate the work and reliance on your true self .. loved this post and integrity of your reflection xx stay kind to you 🙂


  3. You’ve got this. You are the compassionate observer. Great insights and linking are in this post. Read it again as if someone else wrote it.

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  4. I think the one thing I’ve started to see…. is how important the role it is we play in the world around us. Specially as the principles we apply continue to take a hold in our lives.. We are here as part of this force of change….. Its not us locked in with them… its them locked in with us.. and we have the key… The Master key!!!! 🙂

    Great Post!!!!!! I always enjoy reading what you have to say!


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