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Press Release

This is Joe Joe Smith reporting from the Montpelier Bridge here today to find out what’s happening with Laurie Hanson; local citizen, advocate, entrepreneur and visionary. Ms. Hanson can you share your story with us? I am so happy and grateful to be here with you today Joe Joe. I have had an incredible journey starting up just a few short years ago when I got involved with a publicly traded health and wellness company called LifeVantage. As a result of amazing hard work and team building, I have created a successful business for myself and changed my life and the lives of many others. This has given me the opportunity and afforded me the liberty of creating some amazing things here in my very own community. First of all, my husband and I have been able to create a completely sustainable home environment right here in downtown Montpelier. We live in a modest home and have been able to convert our energy source to solar thanks to the help of some local companies that do amazing work. I’m so grateful for their efforts and so grateful to be able to actually sell back electricity to my local electric company. We have extensive gardens with both vegetable gardens and fruit trees and have created a permaculture environment that is completely sustainable. We make enough food to feed ourselves, our friends, and to be able to donate to the local food bank. We grow all of our own foods and guarantee our food is free of pesticides and GMOs. 

I’m especially excited to have a tiny home modeled on my land. It’s been a great stop for tourists and tiny home dwellers from around the world. I’ve been connecting with people through Airbnb and have been able to reach out and meet all kinds of people living in small homes who are trying to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. Another wonderful thing has been that I’ve been able to employ all local people to help with the garden and with all the other renovations done on the house and land.

I also am very grateful I have had the opportunity to create some integrative health clinics both here in VT and in other places in the world. I believe strongly that every patient has the right to all types of medical care, not just those which are a supported by pharmaceuticals. Our local integrative clinic here in Montpelier allows people to have the best of western care whether it be diagnostics or western medication working with medical doctors, and it also allows people to seek out the best of Eastern and Chinese and ayurvedic medicines and models of health, as well. This approach to care gives patients many choices and it also educates them in all the variety of ways that there are to use preventative health maintenance as part of their plan of care. As an RN I believe choice is key to patients taking responsibility for their own health, and I am working with some of the finest practitioners who see the value in both eastern and western medicine as a means of empowering and healing our patients.

I have worked very hard individually as well as with my husband to grow spiritually in order for me to fulfill my life’s purpose. I have refrained from reading or listening to negativity in the world, and have focused my attention on positive and life affirming philosophies. Thanks to a course called MKMMA, I have grown spiritually and created liberty in my life. My financial abundance allows me to fund and support projects that are important to me, and I have made a commitment to donate 10% of my income on a monthly basis. I have arranged biannual cargo shipments to my friend Leo in Liberia, through an organization called Partners in Protection from Ebola which I created during the ebola crisis in 2014. This project continues to support the people of Liberia who live within a broken infrastructure of healthcare.

I am so blessed to be able to fulfill my life’s purpose and to continue to grow spiritually and financially and emotionally in the ways I have in the last three years. I look forward to the future and will continue to share my gifts and insights and visions with the rest of the planet. Thank you so much for your time Joe Joe. I appreciate you sharing my story and vision with the world. 

And thank you Ms. Hanson for the wonderful things you’re doing in the world and for being open and willing to share your story with us today.