master key experience


Week 17

Last week was very challenging. I found it difficult to sit peacefully. And I found it difficult to focus on positive outcomes or images. I know I was carrying around a lot of unresolved anxiety, as our new president was sworn into office. I gave myself permission to really grieve on Friday night as my ideals and my voice and my values are not being represented and fear about the future for many different people clouded my heart and head. On Saturday I participated in my local Women’s March, and I was able to tap into that energy that is much bigger than we each are as individual humans. It was exactly what I needed to move through my fear and anger. I am now refocusing on ideals and working diligently to focus and concentrate my mind on what I want and not to worry about what fear-based distractions set in. If I wish to eliminate fear I concentrate on courage. If I wish to eliminate lack I concentrate on abundance. If I wish to eliminate disease I concentrate on health. If I wish to eliminate hate I concentrate on love. If I wish to eliminate exclusion I concentrate on inclusion. If I wish to eliminate intolerance I focus on tolerance. The current state of political affairs in the country really motivates me to become better at visualizing my ideals and concentrating on the outcome with all of my intention and emotion. 



Week 16

If the Septimal law governs all of our activities by the law of periodicity, then this coming year should be filled with opportunity. Here it is 2017, and I just turned 57. I’m so excited at the thought of experiencing a period of reconstruction,  adjustment and harmony. I have already noticed increased harmony in my world, and I continue to try and keep my channel open to the divine mind in order to continue to nurture this harmony. I found this week’s reading really helpful in terms of looking at gaining or earning or creating wealth as really creating an ideal. Using spiritual power to create an ideal life and world through idealization and visualization. It is reassuring to know that having good intentions and striving to be my very best self brings with it the necessary tools to help me along the way to this ideal. Sometimes when I find things overwhelming or get impatient with my personal growth process and the speed of change, I remind myself that having faith and exercising believe and commitment will bring me the necessary tools and events and people that I need to become this better person. I am loving this journey with MKMMA and find my new habits help me start each day off with love in my heart and a profound connection to my purpose here on this earth. 


Week 15

“Growth is attained through an exchange of the old for the new, of the good for the better; it is a conditional or reciprocal action, for each of us is a complete thought entity and this completeness makes it possible for us to receive only as we give”. The idea of exchanging the old for the new rather than just letting go of the old makes this process so much more attainable for me. I find myself replacing habits and thinking of this journey as a continuous evolution of exchange; give-and-take; yin and yang; contraction and expansion. Learning anything for me has always been a process of two steps forward one step back. I absolutely love the reading this week. I find the notion of insight and all of the references to principal and natural law so helpful in gaining a new life perspective. I focus on keeping the channel open: love, thoughts, words, word pictures, thought forms, physical manifestation. Focusing on keeping the channel to Divine Mind open, and on gratitude and “giving more” are becoming daily habits. This keeps me in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving and for this I am so grateful.