master key experience

Week 16


If the Septimal law governs all of our activities by the law of periodicity, then this coming year should be filled with opportunity. Here it is 2017, and I just turned 57. I’m so excited at the thought of experiencing a period of reconstruction,  adjustment and harmony. I have already noticed increased harmony in my world, and I continue to try and keep my channel open to the divine mind in order to continue to nurture this harmony. I found this week’s reading really helpful in terms of looking at gaining or earning or creating wealth as really creating an ideal. Using spiritual power to create an ideal life and world through idealization and visualization. It is reassuring to know that having good intentions and striving to be my very best self brings with it the necessary tools to help me along the way to this ideal. Sometimes when I find things overwhelming or get impatient with my personal growth process and the speed of change, I remind myself that having faith and exercising believe and commitment will bring me the necessary tools and events and people that I need to become this better person. I am loving this journey with MKMMA and find my new habits help me start each day off with love in my heart and a profound connection to my purpose here on this earth. 


Author: mkmmalaurie

About me.... committed to personal growth and development, and to living a life of peace, passion and prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Week 16

  1. Nice sentiment. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Laurie, I love your openness. Only a habit can subdue a habit and you are installing great habits. Faith in the process keeps us happy and progressing. Great job.

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  3. “I found this week’s reading really helpful in terms of looking at gaining or earning or creating wealth as really creating an ideal.” Really helpful.


  4. I find for myself as I continue to progress through the program the choice to be positive becomes more and more of a conscious thing. As soon as we can grasp that we are capable of being the engineer of our lives and welcome new experiences in… its a HUGE stepping stone.. but feeling it.. really feeling it and doing it.. that makes a huge difference too! Keep those good intentions flowing!!! 🙂

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