master key experience

Week 17


Last week was very challenging. I found it difficult to sit peacefully. And I found it difficult to focus on positive outcomes or images. I know I was carrying around a lot of unresolved anxiety, as our new president was sworn into office. I gave myself permission to really grieve on Friday night as my ideals and my voice and my values are not being represented and fear about the future for many different people clouded my heart and head. On Saturday I participated in my local Women’s March, and I was able to tap into that energy that is much bigger than we each are as individual humans. It was exactly what I needed to move through my fear and anger. I am now refocusing on ideals and working diligently to focus and concentrate my mind on what I want and not to worry about what fear-based distractions set in. If I wish to eliminate fear I concentrate on courage. If I wish to eliminate lack I concentrate on abundance. If I wish to eliminate disease I concentrate on health. If I wish to eliminate hate I concentrate on love. If I wish to eliminate exclusion I concentrate on inclusion. If I wish to eliminate intolerance I focus on tolerance. The current state of political affairs in the country really motivates me to become better at visualizing my ideals and concentrating on the outcome with all of my intention and emotion. 


Author: mkmmalaurie

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5 thoughts on “Week 17

  1. Way to use the Law of Substitution to change your focus. Great job in the post and in your life. Rock on!

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  2. It was great to read your post. I know that for my a very strong pull in from my Old Blue Print is to not focus on what I do want but try to ‘fix’ whats wrong. Specially as a Geek and troubleshooting kinda guy. Keep up the good work.. Focus on the things you desire and not what you don’t desire.. I’m right there along with ya!! 🙂


  3. Great job of changing your thinking the way you did. Congratulations!


  4. I love the way you journeyed through your fear to climb the mountain of challenge to let it go for your truth. Great focus. I love reading how others work through the challenges that create the magic of their of life.
    Juneta’s MKE Blog

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