master key experience

Week 7


I had an interesting experience today. I have struggled with putting a compass over my watch this last week because I work as a nurse and I’m very dependent upon the clock throughout my day. So I had decided not to cover my watch while at work. I do carry my little compass with me everywhere as a reminder to follow my inner guide rather than external ones like time. So today was my day off and I went to spinning class. The bike I was spinning on started working fine in the beginning, but within three or four minutes the little computer on my bike stopped working. For those of you who spin, you know the computer on your bike tells you your time, your calories, your heart rate, your mileage, and most importantly your RPMs. All of this numerical data has always been important information for me during class. I confess I am slightly competitive and really like to see how hard I’m working. Well, not having a working computer turned out to be quite a blessing for me. I had the music blasting and an instructor encouraging me to do all different climbs based upon my RPMs, and I was not able to really follow any of these directions! What I found was that I was able to be more fully present during the entire class. Not having any numerical queuing about my “success”really changed the nature of my work out. I just got a groove on riding with the music, and started thinking about my PPNs and my DMP and seeing shapes and colors and visualizing my future self and pedaling harder and faster than ever! I had no idea how long we were pedaling with no clock on the wall and a broken computer. How liberating to find I can “ride like the wind” with no attachment to time and “results”.  It made me feel like a kid again. Like my former and future self.


Author: mkmmalaurie

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9 thoughts on “Week 7

  1. Reminds me of being a kid, riding a bike so fast and taking your feet off the peddles…then thinking the wheels are going to fly off! Total freedom. Being totally carefree!

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  3. Sometimes a broken computer turns out to be a blessing in diguise. Keep on pedalling, and don’t forget your compass!

    Love, Espen

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  4. “Not having any numerical queuing about my “success” really changed the nature of my … ” We can apply that to most anything! Thanks for the inspiration! Also love, “Like my former and future self.”


  5. So great for you to just fly like the wind! You have to spend so much of your life attached to the metrics what a relief to ride for the joy of it! Go girl go, we got this!!! Dr Joy


  6. What a liberating experience. So glad you enjoyed it instead of complaining about all the things that went “wrong”. Sometimes we find the joy by letting go of our ego. I, too, loved the comment about your former and future self. Ride on!


  7. Detaching from the scorecard! Liberating! Love this post!


  8. What a great personal observation! I too, like your comment about your former and future self.


  9. I love this!! I struggled with my compass – because i can’t wear a watch. It is drawn on my wrist in ink. Kind of rough, but it reminds me – and also makes me think of being a kid again!!


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