master key experience

Week 11


I have really loved the opinion free loving kindness and forgiveness of the last few readings. I found Part 11 of the Master Key initially very challenging and some of the information I really have not digested yet. And some of it has just been exactly what I’ve needed to read!  I love number 26 in part 11. “We are standing on the threshold of a new era. The time has arrived when man has learned the secrets of mastery and the way is  being prepared for a new social order, more wonderful than anything ever heretofor dreamed of. The conflict of modern science with theology, the study of comparative religions, the tremendous power of new social movements, all of these are but clearing the way for the new order. They may have destroyed traditional forms which have become antiquated and impotent, but nothing of value has been lost”. This helps strengthen my faith in humanity in times of despair or worry about the future. I am visualizing and praying and trying to be the change I wish to see in the world. As more and more people change their blueprint and start to manifest their dreams imagine the goodness to ensue!!  


Author: mkmmalaurie

About me.... committed to personal growth and development, and to living a life of peace, passion and prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Week 11

  1. I also really cling fast to 11-26 of the MK. Especially the part where nothing of value has been lost. !!

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  2. As each one of us grows into our future self, we help to empower others.

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  3. The more people that can change their blueprints the better off we will all be.

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  4. Great job. Just imagine the impact if you help two people who help two people, etc. The Master Teacher had twelve “coworkers”, one of whom was a traitor, another was doubtful, one was a tax collector, etc. He really only had three who were in the inner circle and two of those were hotheads and one denied Him. But He trained them to go and make disciples and they did. He never forgot His mission and in spite of the attacks and perversions, His message is still being heard today. Let your light shine.

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