master key experience

Week five


Believing strongly in liberty for all and refraining from having an opinion on this topic is very challenging for me. I find my strong sense of fairness, liberty and justice for everyone is completely contingent upon very strong opinions I have formulated over the years.  In my assessment that everyone should have the same opportunities and be treated equally, I find that it is all based upon my opinions, which I really experience as fact. So letting go of opinion and allowing things to be, to just Be as they are is proving to be very challenging for me. As a fighter for justice and equality throughout my lifetime, I have always believed that those of us who see injustice  should take responsibility and do something about this injustice. The notion that we create our own realities and that there is no perpetrator or victim, or that inequality is  not just about those who have too much not sharing with those who have too little is under total scrutiny. It’s a radical idea for me to entertain the thought that everyone creates their own reality and that we are all working from our own historical fabric and therefore responsible for our own future.  Inequality or lack of justice is an inside out outside in operation. Examining this from a philosophy of duality rather than a linear model of oppression is refreshing, challenging and extremely exciting as I reexamine and redefine my DMP.


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7 thoughts on “Week five

  1. Thanks for making my day better!

    Love, Espen

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  3. Balancing Emerson’s Compensation with Haanel helps me to be the observer. However, I found myself having opinions about what characters in a movie “should” do or not do. Labels we put on things, people and events are, for the most part, opinions. Now, is that a fact or an opinion?


  4. It’s a fact that it’s an opinion…

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  5. It’s so amazing that you can open up and share so clearly where your at. That’s not easy and a wonderful lesson for me !

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  6. Thanks for sharing. You are not the only one.


  7. Thanks for sharing this – I’d guess that having opinions leads us to wanting to fix the problems and injustices we see. You seem to have a strong desire to help others – good for you!


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